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Shellee Coley is a Texas-based singer-songwriter with three studio projects under her belt and a fourth on the way. Her songs often bring light to the not-so-celebrated parts of life and walk people through them, into growth and change. There is a clear spiritual undertone to her music that sets a listener up to experience their own faith while listening to her songs.  She says, "I want to write music and create spaces that encourage people to see themselves in my stories and hopefully get to know themselves a little more. Because how can you truly know God, if you don't even know yourself?" 


Her next project, "The Knowing" is slated to release in the fall of 2016. 


Shellee makes her living touring and playing small venues, churches, house concerts and community event centers. She also teaches workshops on journaling and creativity for women and teenage girls. She has a passion to give women a voice by helping them find their own unique creative process. She founded Circle Sessions in 2014 and teaches both private and group sessions on personal growth and healing through writing and various forms of creative exploration. To book Shellee for a concert or workshop, contact