Wait For It is about that place between desperation and hope. If I'm being honest, it's a place where I spend a lot of time. We all experience those  powerful moments of "ah-ha" or contentment, but I often find myself longing for the coming light and the healing that accompanies it.  This can feel a lot  like  loneliness, sadness or the absence of joy. I recently heard a speaker say "it's difficult to feel joy and pain at the same time". I'm not sure I can agree. I find when I seek the glimpses of light and hope amidst my pain or conflict, I am often granted the strength to "wait for" the healing and transformation on the other side.  The art design for this song is specifically different from the others, because to me, it feels like the winter of the cycle in the "becoming process". 


This song  is the culmination of many previously written songs that were full of questions and longings for something I couldn't even name. On previous records, I was writing a lot about a lost sense of purpose in my faith and that drove almost every song and conversation at the time.  I'm not sure  when this started to shift, but I began realizing that the answers were rarely what made me feel better, but that the experiences along the waymore often gave me the peace I desperately desired. This song wrote  itself very quickly, and when I was finished, I remember thinking beginnings and endings are sometimes so similar, you can't tell which is which. I'm grateful for this realization. It has helped me to stay more present and not get too far ahead of myself.

Chapter 4

"I wrote Story Like This on an Easter Sunday while thinking about the concept of death and resurrection.  My own exit from the church years prior lead  to the "death" of my co-dependency on church to "fix my problems".  I quite literally felt like I had been thrashing around in all of my questions and confusion around the mysteries of Christ and my search for wholeness. This ultimately pushed me to go straight into the vastness that IS GOD and embrace the fullness of my story but not let it define me."-Shellee Coley

Stream  The Knowing  on Spotify

Stream The Knowing on Spotify

chapter 5

"The Knowing is the willingness to surrender to the process of being made new. I've found that relationships involving deep trust create a safe place to fail and begin again; to love and be loved; to know and be known. This is in reality,  an "unknowing" of our brokenness, a reminder of our beauty and a celebration of our humanity. This is what calls us to desire holiness in the first place." -Shellee Coley