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To The Little Girls (the future drum beats)

I have never posted a "spoken word" type project. I'm shaking as I hit send because this is overly vulnerable, even for me. But when I feel things of great magnitude, I have to get them out or they get stuck in me. This is for all the girls and women that I love fiercely. Click below to listen if you are supposed to.




Here's to the little girls of America (and the world) who's blood and tears are boiling and brooding and running hot and scared today.

Your Mamas want to know what to say to you in the aftermath of a broken dream, but they are momentarily feeling small again, like they didn't work hard enough, sing loud enough, shout proud enough.

Not true.

The heartbeat you feel in your chest is one that has been beating since long before you were conceived. It is one that has been muffled and told to be smaller and quieter for generations. But the Mamas are bold and will not be silenced. They have continued to grow louder and stronger and fiercer with every set back and through the ages, they have fought for your right to NOT have to fight for your voice.

They continue.

Your future is full of drum beats and lyrics and melodies that will carry you gracefully out of THIS battle and straight through the glass ceiling that is cracking under the pressure of the collective LOVE rising up.

One woman is not your answer.

You are the answer.

Together, we are making differences that will add up to THE difference.

Little girls, you come with a blueprint of nurturing and loving and protecting in your veins that you do not have to apologize for! And you will do those things with a ferocity that will shock the hell out of you someday. Being feminine is not weak. You do not have to act like a man in order to be powerful. Embrace what is YOU and you will rise strong. Act like a GIRL, act like A WOMAN, act like A SURVIVOR, whatever that looks like for you. Wave it around for everyone to see, however YOU SEE FIT.

Because you not only have the heartbeat of generations in your chest, you ARE THE HEARTBEAT and it continues to gain momentum, moving from the low steady hum of your foremothers, into what is now an anthem being sung throughout the lands, saying,




YOU ARE the future drum beats, the future melodies, the future lyrics.

You are the future.

So, beautiful ones, go to bed tonight with a heavy heart. Feel every ounce of sadness that has been unearthed today. But lay yourselves under a heavy blanket of hope and compassion and healing, knowing that something much greater than one battle was won today.

Togetherness was won today.

Soak it up as you sleep, dream it, believe it and wake up tomorrow ready to keep living it.

Tomorrow is a new day and you are one step closer to living the balanced and beautiful life that your Mamas have believed for you.

And someday you will be the Mama. And you will be the fierceness. And you will be dreaming of the next best thing for your daughters.

And that's what keeps your Mamas fighting.