A Moment

There is a single moment when you realize that every moment in life goes exactly as it must, in order for you to properly feel each consecutive moment.

And when that realization sets in, you can then consider all things for learning and growing and expanding.  You blink a little slower, so that you can take in every color that speeds by you in a flurry and tuck it away behind your eyelids for later. You somehow breathe a little deeper so that you can feel the caverns of your lungs waiting for you to send another shot of life into them. And most of all you begin to walk more purposefully, stopping to engage only with those hearts and souls that bring to you and breathe into you new life with even their very presence.

This is the moment that nothing else matters except love and intention and you let go of all that no longer serves your highest good and bring into your sphere the expansion of life where you have plenty of room to grow and change into the soul lover you were brought here to be.

And when you become aware of and begin to cross paths with those souls that you were brought here to love, a new moment arises in you and the realization of depth sets in.  No longer do you desire to control other beings into loving you, because the desire for the deepest of connections outweighs control and the waiting becomes the gift. Waiting for the beauty of a connection to come into its perfect timing of birth and life.  Creation.  And when that happens, souls can then move fluidly in and out of and all around each other, creating masterpieces, as love permits, in order to give each other exactly what is needed at the perfect time.

And so in this newly created space, the simple and yet complex act of a kiss becomes a momentary connection of yourself with another, for passing by and seeing something deeper within their soul, as opposed to a promise that ties you to a heart for the life of its body.
And even greater still, when the time comes for two souls to come together in passion and the bond of bodily love is created, it is just exactly that...Creating.  Art.  Crafted by two souls to be admired only by them and to be used intentionally for what needs to be healed within each of them.

For love is art and art is healing. But on the deepest level, life is art and should be moveable and bendable and shapable.  And although art is most certainly subjective to each individual beholder,  it should always be most beautifully beheld by its creator, for only he or she knows exactly why and for what it was created.

And so in this awareness, I will celebrate my ability to create beauty within the depths of my love.  And I will allow myself to feel every part of what the ground and sky have to offer me, as I exist temporarily between the two, creating a body-soul experience that has felt all of life and is ready to leave when it must.  And when it does, I will move into the next realm peacefully, knowing that with each passing moment I created art within and around this clay-made body in order to leave a piece of beauty behind on the earth for her eternal healing.

Because everything is healing. Everything is art.  Everything is eternity.  Everything is a single moment.


Published in the Compilation Project: Recovering Faith: Words for the Way. Volume 1.(Poetry, meditations, personal stories, essays, curricula and more.)