At Last (a song about hope)

Story Behind The Song

by Shellee Coley

A few weeks ago I wrote a new song. It came out in such a way that I felt the devastating heaviness of the past several years and the blessed relief of hope, all at the same time. It was the strangest and most wonderful mix of emotions I that I have ever experienced in my songwriting process. It felt as if my faith and my doubt were simultaneously dancing together to create God's love in the form of a song! 

I sent my iPhone demo to a few people who have walked closely with me in this season of my faith journey and something beautiful happened from it. My friend Travis Reed saw through the cracked morning voice and my hesitant performance of the new melody and he created another layer of beautiful art to accompany it in video form.

All of my ego is hesitant to share this very personal moment with the world, but my spirit says YES! So here is an offering created in friendship and trust, by myself and my incredibly talented friend, who sees beauty beyond what most see. I'm grateful that he gave images to the cries of my heart.

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