Shellee Coley is a Texas-based singer-songwriter that has released three full length albums. Her current focus is a 5 song book of musical meditations called The Becoming Project that is being released one song or "chapter" at a time by the independent label Red Tree Music Group.  "We decided to release the project in a way that would invite the listener on a journey that closely aligns with what I experienced while writing the songs. The slow moments of "ah-ha” that birthed the seeds of healing and transformation." Her songs often bring light to the not-so-celebrated parts of life and walk people through them, into growth and change. She says, "I want to write music that creates space for people to relate to my stories and potentially learn more about themselves. "

Shellee is currently touring in support of The Becoming Project release and is playing listening rooms, house concerts or community event centers. She also teaches workshops on journaling and creativity for women and teenage girls. She has a passion to give women a voice by helping them find their own unique creative process. She founded Circle Sessions in 2014 and teaches both private and group sessions on personal transformation and healing through writing and various forms of creative exploration. To book Shellee for a concert or workshop, contact: info@redtreemusicgroup.com

Shellee Coley

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